Keeping the Wheels of Commerce Rolling

Sketch Videos

Hand-drawn whiteboard sketch videos

Fingers fly as I create whiteboard sketch videos for various industries. 

Whiteboard Sketch Videos

Graphic Recording

Graphic recording, graphic facilitation, live drawing

Here's my top-notch illustration done on the spot at workshops, conferences, and keynote speeches. 

Drawing on walls


Storyboard for film, video and online for ad agencies, consumer product and production companies.

Storyboards for traditional film production, web content, and presentations to tell a client's story. 

All backed by 20 years of Chicago advertising agency experience.

cue the action!

Ideation/Brainstorming Sessions

Quick-sketching and illustrating ideas and concepts.

Add depth and comprehension to your new product/systems/process meetings when I capture what's happening in real time. It's about time to see what you're talking about!

Brainstorm Bonanza!

Product Concept Presentations

Consumer product illustrations for marketing research.

There's no better way to show the potential and possibilities of your exciting new product or service with my bright and bold illustrations.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Event & Trade Show Illustrations

Illustrations for product and service introduction events.

Branded events, trade show displays and product demonstrations deserve an epic treatment that showcases the energy and information you'll deliver to your audience. Here's how my skills bring big shows alive.

Pictures that draw a crowd

Unique New Services

Web Facilitation


Save the travel expense and still get quick and accurate results with online graphic facilitation from anywhere and at anytime.  Lets discuss this exciting  and convenient process!

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Speaking Engagements


Presentations and demonstrations about drawing and graphic recording- here I'm addressing a group at the Creative Problem Solving Conference in Buffalo, NY.

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